4 critical observations from the Commanders' win at Broncos in Week 2

What an incredible game.

Eric Bieniemy
Eric Bieniemy / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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Sam Howell and Eric Bieniemy are making Commanders' offense a force

Call me a believer.

I mean, it's hard not to be after the Washington Commanders scored its most points in years and had its biggest road comeback in 30+ years. Sam Howell and the offense were efficient throughout the game, moving the ball down the field, but had drives bogged down by sacks early on.

Howell did hold on to the ball too long in some cases and got sacked on his first three drives. However, he improved as the game went along.

Not only did he show good decision-making, avoiding turnovers and placing the football beautifully on touchdowns to Logan Thomas and Terry McLaurin, but Howell demonstrated his ability to extend plays with his feet, like on his 11-yard scramble.

Eric Bieniemy for his part, has made this offense exciting to watch for the first time in years. On Sunday, the team had 10 different receivers catch the ball, leveraged Brian Robinson Jr. in the running attack, utilized Antonio Gibson in space and took full advantage of the screen game.

After having Howell throw 30 passes in the first half, the team had adjustments and switched to more of a power-running attack, taking advantage of a gassed Denver Broncos defense.

With former offensive coordinator Scott Turner failing to make the proper adjustments across seasons, it is a breath of fresh air to see what Bieniemy has done with the offense.