4 concerning worst-case scenarios for the Commanders in 2024

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Jahan Dotson
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Jahan Dotson becomes a bust

With just over 1,000 receiving yards in his first two seasons, Jahan Dotson needs to pick it up. He has 11 touchdowns, but Washington Commanders fans know that they need to see more from him if the wide receiver is going to solidify himself as worthy of being taken in the first round.

Terry McLaurin needs help. If the Commanders elect to go elsewhere in the draft instead of to the wide receiver position - which would be unwise - it will be because Adam Peters, Dan Quinn, and Kliff Kingsbury believe that Dotson is capable of being the No. 2 option they need to blow the offense open.

Another 500-yard receiving campaign would be a disappointment. The Commanders' offense needs more. If they are going to become a more explosive, open-field unit that gives defenses fits, this is the year for Dotson to show his skills. There is a lot of pressure on the third-year wideout from Penn State, but a new quarterback and system might allow him to thrive.

He has the tools, but anything short of 800 receiving yards will be a signal that he is getting closer to being a bust than a long-term dependable option. With the current state of Washington's playmakers on offense, Dotson must impose himself at all three levels of the field.

Without that, they could have another top-10 pick next year.