4 burning questions as Commanders turn the page on Week 5 defeat

Looking forward is absolutely imperative...

Jack Del Rio and Ron Rivera
Jack Del Rio and Ron Rivera / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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Has Ron Rivera lost the Commanders' locker room?

There is a growing concern in the Washington Commanders' fanbase regarding Ron Rivera after Thursday night's loss to the Chicago Bears. Something that led them to make their feelings known far and wide across social media in its immediate aftermath.

Many in the media believe it's time for the Commanders to potentially move on. Some feel that Rivera has checked out, but a coach who has only one winning season in the last nine years should know how to manage a team with so much talent better than this.

Rivera is in his fourth season with the Commanders and has not had a winning record - even the year they won the division. His comments during half-time left many scratching their heads about what was unfolding in front of them.

Some view Rivera as a leader of men, but his football mentality seems to have left him. The former linebacker for the Bears isn't saying what the fans want to hear. The excuses are getting old, and patience is running thin.

Rivera needs to get back to winning ways and quickly. He said in his press conference that it started with him - we have seen this and heard it before - so how can we believe or trust anything he is saying?

Next Sunday will be a must-win for the Commanders traveling to Atlanta to play the Falcons. It doesn't appear as if Rivera has lost the locker room just yet, but patience with the fans is wearing extremely thin.