3 remaining Commanders offseason needs after the 2024 NFL Draft

Having done a splendid job thus far, the roster still has a few holes...
Adam Peters
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Having had perhaps the biggest offseason in the entire NFL, including a free agency and draft class that is being lauded by all - where do the Washington Commanders go from here? Having shored up several positions of need such as linebacker and quarterback, what spots on the depth chart still need work?

Here are the positions that the Commanders' brass must surely be looking to improve before the official start of the Jayden Daniels era in 2024.

Commanders must address outside cornerback

With the arrival of Jeremy Chinn and Mike Sainristil, the Washington Commanders have received assistance at the safety position and in the slot. They are both players that will start and make impacts from Day 1. They are definite upgrades. However, neither will be tasked to cover the outside wide receivers, the true No. 1 options in the passing game.

This task will fall on the shoulders of two returning players Commanders fans know very well, as well as one new face in Michael Davis.

Emmanuel Forbes and Benjamin St-Juste were nothing short of disappointments last season. Having been drafted in the first round, the former Mississippi State star was asked to come in and make a difference and was benched. There is hard work ahead to meet lofty expectations under the new regime.

St-Juste has shown flashes of becoming a legitimate starting corner in the NFL. He has also demonstrated boneheadedness at times and has been lackluster at others.

The arrival of Davis from the Los Angeles Chargers could be huge for the Commanders. Looking at his tape from last season, he is one of the most underrated corners in the league. He could be responsible for pushing Forbes or St-Juste down the depth chart if he hasn't already.

The bottom line is that this group of outside corners is unproven. They need at least two of the three to prove themselves up to their potential. It is a long, athletic, and talented group, but that only goes so far. A lot of the success of the defense, and thus of the Commanders organization as a whole in 2024 will depend on this trio.

The Commanders could prepare for a worst-case scenario in which Forbes proves to be a bust and St-Juste is more talk than production. Another corner couldn't hurt. Because if this group fails, so will the defense.