3 reasons the Commanders must dominate Cardinals in Week 1

The Commanders must get their season off on the right note.
Sam Howell
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With a sold-out crowd at FedEx Field expectant, the Washington Commanders must put on a dominant display in Week 1 against the Arizona Cardinals.

The Washington Commanders are 7.0-point favorites for the first time in a while this weekend. With the new ownership change, momentum toward the future, and first home game since Dan Snyder sold the team, Ron Rivera's men can’t just sneak out a close against the Arizona Cardinals.

The Commanders - who have plenty of talent on both sides of the ball - must dominate in front of the invigorated home crowd. Here are three reasons why.

Commanders have momentum

From the moment the sale of the team was official and Snyder was officially gone, there has been a palpable energy around the Commanders that fans haven’t felt in decades. FedEx Field is going to be a madhouse on Sunday, with former Washington greats like John Riggins, Robert Griffin III, Champ Bailey, and others who disassociated themselves from the franchise under previous ownership coming back to take in the first home game under the new regime.

This is a prime opportunity to set the tone for the future. When was the last time you remember Washington absolutely demolishing an opponent? If Ron Rivera and company plan on keeping their jobs beyond the 2023 season, the Commanders have to make the playoffs at a bare minimum, so getting off to a good opening is key.

It all starts with Washington not just winning on Sunday, but also covering the 7.0-point spread easily and winning in a dominating fashion.