3 primary objectives for Commanders HC Ron Rivera to save his job beyond 2023

The Washington Commanders head coach has a tough task ahead, but the path is clear.

Ron Rivera
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Commanders must win a playoff game

If the first two things come true in 2023, the Washington Commanders will be in a prime position to make the playoffs. While the Philadelphia Eagles appear to be the premier team in the NFC, the conference is wide open and every division matchup is winnable.

The non-division schedule has some tough matchups like the Buffalo Bills, San Francisco 49ers, and Miami Dolphins. But there are several games Washington could be favored in within the conference.

The season opener against the Arizona Cardinals without Kyler Murray is a must-win to start the campaign off right at FedEx Field. The Thursday night matchup against a rising Chicago Bears team could go either way - but feels winnable.

Road trips to the Atlanta Falcons, Seattle Seahawks, and Los Angeles Rams all feel within reach. The out-of-conference matchups against the Denver Broncos, New England Patriots, and even New York Jets don't feel too big to overcome. It's not hard to see this team winning 10 games if everything falls into place.

That's the key.

The Commanders haven't won a playoff game since beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Wildcard Round of 2005. That's an 18-year draught.

Josh Harris and the new ownership have emphasized winning at the forefront. Therefore, Ron Rivera needs to break the streak to stick around.

A dominant defense, slightly above average offense that shows improvement week to week, and clear growth from a young quarterback is the formula to making it happen. All the pieces appear to be in place, now it's just about execution.