3 players the Commanders must keep quiet at the Eagles in Week 4

Keeping these players quiet will be key for the Commanders.

Jalen Hurts
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Commanders must repeat A.J. Brown shutdown

When the Washington Commanders won 32-21 at the Philadelphia Eagles last season, they restricted A.J. Brown to just one catch and seven receiving yards from four targets. Veteran cornerback Kendall Fuller did most of the yeoman's work to keep the Pro Bowl wideout under wraps, and the veteran defensive back is a good matchup against him given how well he's started the campaign.

Fuller was one of the few players to emerge with any credit from the Commanders' 37-3 loss to the Buffalo Bills in Week 3, posting some impressive statistics in coverage, per Pro Football Focus. Something that Washington hopes will continue this weekend.

Putting Fuller over Brown makes sense, but No. 29 will need some help. Tasking Darrick Forrest with playing over the top is one idea, but shifting 6-foot-3 cornerback Benjamin St-Juste to safety would give the Commanders another favorable size matchup to help bracket the supreme threat that the former Ole Miss stud brings to the table.

The Commanders' much-maligned offensive line will need a similar committee approach to stopping the main force of the Eagles' defense. Otherwise, it'll be a long afternoon at the office.