3 players the Commanders must keep quiet at Cowboys in Week 12

Micah Parsons is top of the list of players the Washington Commanders must keep quiet...

Micah Parsons
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Commanders must move Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott has his critics, but he's played perhaps the best football of his career in recent weeks. No. 4 has thrown 13 touchdowns compared with just two interceptions in his last four games, so it's a big challenge for the Washington Commanders and their underwhelming defense.

Although he's performing well against pressure, the Commanders must find ways to force Prescott off his spot as often as possible. Forcing the signal-caller off-script will lead to turnover opportunities.

A few takeaways are a must if the Commanders are going to damage Prescott's enviable record against Washington. Only Pro Football Hall of Famer Johnny Unitas fared better among quarterbacks with a minimum of 10 starts, according to Opta Stats.

Forcing Prescott to throw on the run will require Jack Del Rio and Ron Rivera to get more creative about how they design and send pressure. Nine sacks against the New York Giants last week proved the Commanders can still disrupt the pocket, even after trading edge-rushers Chase Young and Montez Sweat.

Harassing Prescott with extra rushers, while bracketing his go-to receiver, can slow the Cowboys' offense enough to give Sam Howell the chance to earn his biggest win yet.