3 players the Commanders must keep quiet vs. 49ers in Week 17

Chase Young is among the players that the Washington Commanders must keep quiet in Week 17.

Chase Young
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Commanders must get to Deebo Samuel in a hurry

Christian McCaffrey's the main man, but Deebo Samuel isn't far behind him. The rugged wide receiver is a threat to produce a big play on the ground or through the air at any time.

It's going to be essential for the Washington Commanders to get to Samuel in a hurry. That will mean playing press in coverage, so Benjamin St-Juste should be a good physical matchup against the dynamic 215-pound weapon.

The Commanders will be able to close on Samuel quickly after every catch, provided St-Juste has safety help.

Somebody like Khaleke Hudson should be over Samuel when he's in the slot and man coverage whenever he's aligned in the backfield. Those positions are where he does most of his damage as a runner, like for this touchdown scamper against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 13.

Getting numbers around Samuel whenever and however he gets the ball, will be key to the Commanders containing the inspirational leader for the San Francisco 49ers.