3 players the Commanders must keep quiet at the NY Giants in Week 7

Saquon Barkley tops the list of three players the Washington Commanders must keep quiet against the New York Giants in Week 7.
Saquon Barkley
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Commanders need a plan for Darren Waller

Veteran tight end Darren Waller probably allowed himself a smile when watching the game film of the Washington Commanders against the Atlanta Falcons. He will have seen tight ends Kyle Pitts and Jonnu Smith both find the end zone.

Waller has yet to score a touchdown in a New York Giants uniform following his high-profile trade from the Las Vegas Raiders. But he's unlikely to get a better chance.

The Commanders could struggle to keep the Pro Bowler in check because they're overmatched at the linebacker level. Neither Cody Barton nor Jamin Davis are likely to stay with Waller in coverage, so defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio needs a different matchup.

Putting any one of physical cornerbacks Kendall Fuller or Benjamin St-Juste over No. 12 would be a good start. Then the Commanders need to have a corner follow Waller all over the field.

Keeping Waller and Saquon Barkley quiet is the key to stymying a struggling Giants' offense. But the Commanders have just one focus for New York's defense.