3 dream scenarios for the Washington Commanders in 2024

Crazier things have happened...
Emmanuel Forbes
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The Washington Commanders were in absolute shambles following the 2023 campaign. Now, things are looking up.

For the first time since Robert Griffin III, the Commanders have something they can get behind. The organization is receiving support and optimism in equal measure. This is due to the outstanding start made by general manager Adam Peters and head coach Dan Quinn.

With that comes the potential for great downfall. One more broken season in the nation's capital and they might as well set the building on fire.

What if the opposite happened? What if this was the first season of a turnaround into playoff contention and perhaps becoming a perennial Super Bowl challenger under the new regime?

Here are three dream scenarios for the Commanders in 2024. All of them are within reach, too.

Commanders secondary shows vast improvement

The Washington Commanders ranked No. 31 in yards per game across the entire NFL last season. It was horrendous to watch. A lot of it had to do with the secondary, despite having a talented group of players - at least on paper.

This should make one curious about whether or not it was strictly the players' fault. Perhaps it was the coaching. Perhaps it was the scheming.

There is a new sheriff in town. Two if you count defensive coordinator Joe Whitt Jr. With that, the Commanders could experience significant improvement despite the departure of Kendall Fuller in free agency.

Emmanuel Forbes must show why he was taken No. 16 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. Jeremy Chinn must come in and become a better, more physical version of Kamren Curl. Benjamin St-Juste must be more consistent.

If Dan Quinn and Whitt can help the aforementioned trio reach their goals, the Commanders' secondary will finally stand out.

With an improved secondary, the Commanders could make a break for the playoffs down the stretch. Look for the pass defense to be much improved. Whether they become great or not will depend a lot on Forbes.