3 critical ways Commanders must follow Texans' rebuilding blueprint

A blueprint has been laid...
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Commanders must install the correct culture

This is the last part of the equation, and Nick Caserio knows just how big of an impact it makes. In his three years as general manager, the Houston Texans have had three different head coaches.

David Culley went 4-13 and was fired. Lovie Smith went 3-13-1 and was fired. Demeco Ryans went 10-7 with a playoff win during his first year after securing the AFC South crown. Guess the third time is the charm.

Some fans will complain that the team did not get Ben Johnson. That said, from all the talk throughout the offseason from players and coaches around the league, it is clear that Dan Quinn is well-regarded.

Now, a lot of fans were upset when Johnson turned the Commanders down in favor of remaining with the Detroit Lions, but Quinn is not a second-tier option. It can help to have a head coach focused on the offense, but Culley failed in Houston. Ryans has found success, despite being a defensive-oriented coach.

The key is having a great offensive coordinator. The Texans have Bobby Slowik, who was thought to be a head coach candidate this offseason. The Commanders brought in Kliff Kingsbury, who's got previous head coaching experience and should revolutionize the schematics.

Is Quinn another retread like Ron Rivera was? Maybe, but we need to give him the benefit of the doubt. Especially considering everything we've heard from the organization and across the league about his abilities. It took the Texans three tries to find the right head coach. Ideally, the Commanders don't have to duplicate that part of the formula.

Yes, the formula is simple enough. Find a franchise quarterback, make key roster decisions, and identify a leader as head coach. However, Washington had been plagued with finding a solution to that equation for years. It is interesting to see a franchise like the Texans turn their fortunes around in short order.