3 Commanders games that must be on primetime schedule in 2024

Are these games worthy of primetime consideration?
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Commanders vs. Eagles

To be the best, you've got to beat the best.

It's a cliche that upon further inspection isn't necessarily true in the modern-day NFL. What is true, however, is that you have got to at least play them. When the Philadelphia Eagles go to the Washington Commanders, it will be a litmus test for the new roster.

For as long as the franchise has been in the wilderness, the Eagles have experienced the opposite, reaching the highest of highs. Eventually, this will come full circle. If it happened in New England, it will happen in Philadelphia.

That doesn't mean it will happen this year.

However, it is no secret that the Eagles struggled down the stretch last season. It culminated in getting bounced by the underdog Tampa Bay Buccaneers and finishing their once-promising season 1-6 after starting 10-1.

What does this mean for their visit to Washington?

It means that the Commanders have a great opportunity. They will have a potentially vulnerable rival coming to town the very same season that they look to begin their upward ascent. With two games against Philadelphia, the home game will be pivotal, especially if it comes early in the campaign.

If the Commanders can beat Philadelphia, it's yet another reason for fans to continue putting their trust into Adam Peters. It would be the type of win that can change an entire season and build some serious momentum toward becoming the type of organization it used to be when Joe Gibbs was at the helm.

The Commanders are one of the wild cards of the entire league this year. A lot of their fate hangs in the balance of these three games, all against difficult foes. Coming out on top will be difficult, which makes laying the correct foundations this offseason all the more important.