3 Commanders games that must be on primetime schedule in 2024

Are these games worthy of primetime consideration?
Dan Quinn
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Commanders at Ravens

For as much as the two-time NFL MVP has already accomplished, Lamar Jackson is only 27 years old. He is a sight to behold in football's most important position. Some would even say he is the most electrifying player in the entire league looking at how he performed during the previous campaign.

When it comes to NFL comparisons, Jackson is the one player that Washington Commanders quarterback Jayden Daniels has most often been compared to, although this is unfair. Both can pass the football extremely effectively and prefer this method of moving the chains. But when they need to, they both show generational wheels that are unpossessed by any other signal-caller in the professional ranks currently.

Not only will this matchup pit the two of them against one another, but if Daniels turns out to be what many think he will be as a Heisman Trophy winner out of LSU, then this could be the beginning of a fabulous close-distance rivalry. Not only would that benefit the NFL, but it would reinvigorate the entire area with something new to captivate the imagination of fans in the DMV.

Who knows - if the Commanders get their ship turned in the right direction, maybe this could become a yearly occurrence on the schedule if Dan Quinn's men emerge into contention. Businesses like the NFL are always looking for more storylines to get behind, and this could be one given the proximity between the two franchises.

After all, who would be against a yearly viewing of Jackson and Daniels?

That being said, this is going to be an extremely difficult game for the Commanders against the AFC powerhouse. Anything less than maximum effort and high execution is likely going to come with defeat, so it's a challenge Quinn and his new-look roster must be ready for.