3 best Commanders' candidates to play Micah Parsons role for Dan Quinn

Jamin Davis and a prominent 2024 NFL draft edge-rusher are among the best candidates to play the Micah Parsons role for the Washington Commanders and head coach Dan Quinn.
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Frankie Luvu could be Commanders' best bet

He's already made a positive impression on his Washington Commanders teammates since arriving from the Carolina Panthers, and Frankie Luvu could win Dan Quinn over as a potential Micah Parsons 2.0. What strengthens his case is a 6-foot-3, 235-pound frame big enough to work through traffic and collapse the pocket.

Like Parsons, Luvu is often at his most disruptive when blitzing the A gaps. His talent in this area was explained to JP Finlay of NBC4 Sports by The Charlotte Observer's Mike Kaye.

"That guy is a game-changer and a playbreaker...He is the ideal guy for a double A gap blitz...He's extremely versatile...He can really make things happen...He will disrupt the offense more than he won't."

Luvu showed off his talent for disruption on this blitz against the Minnesota Vikings last season, highlighted by Bleacher Report's Brandon Thorn.

Wrecking a backfield player in pass protection should be the minimum requirement for any blitzing linebacker enjoying a running start. Luvu would need to prove he can handle tougher assignments.

Fortunately, a blitz from Week 2 against the New Orleans Saints, broken down by Fan Nation's Schuyler Callihan, showed how Luvu can stand up to a guard.

The power is impressive, but so is the way Luvu disguised his intent by looking away from the line of scrimmage. He then timed his pressure perfectly to catch 6-foot-4, 316-pound Cesar Ruiz by surprise en route to causing significant disruption.

Luvu has all the attributes you want from a blitzing demon. He also has 20 career sacks to his credit, ample proof he can make plenty of Parsons-like plays for Quinn.

That's assuming the latter doesn't view Luvu as more of a natural partner for middle linebacker Bobby Wagner. If so, Quinn could find his Parsons early in this year's draft.