3 best Commanders' candidates to play Micah Parsons role for Dan Quinn

Jamin Davis and a prominent 2024 NFL draft edge-rusher are among the best candidates to play the Micah Parsons role for the Washington Commanders and head coach Dan Quinn.
Dan Quinn
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Dan Quinn needs a Micah Parsons-type player to make his defense work for the Washington Commanders. Sounds simple, right? Well, not exactly. Not when Dallas Cowboys' All-Pro edge force is a rarity in the NFL.

Parsons is a true roving pass-rusher who can wreck protection from multiple spots and in various ways. Quinn helped shape the role for the former Penn State standout originally drafted as an inside linebacker in 2021.

Before delving into the full list of candidates for the Commanders, it's a good idea to form a clearer understanding of exactly how Parsons operated in Quinn's schemes.

Micah Parsons role explained

Speaking at this year's NFL Scouting Combine, per Ben Standig of The Athletic, ex-Cowboys' defensive coordinator Quinn admitted that he could be looking for someone to occupy a role to how Parsons was deployed wth the Washington Commanders.

"Putting a player like (Parsons) in the spots (where) they can do their thing. And that’s what I enjoy most on the coaching is finding all these unique things that a player can do and then how do you feature ’em."

So that's the theory behind Parsons' role, but what does his roving brief look like in practice? A great example happened against the New York Jets last season, highlighted by Brandon Loree of SB Nation's Blogging the Boys.

Parsons tormented center Connor McGovern to generate quick pressure on the pocket.

While he was stood in the A-gap, between center and guard, Parsons was free to attack from anywhere along the line of scrimmage. Operating as a standup rusher afforded him the freedom to stunt and twist in several directions.

Quinn used Parsons to create a guessing game for offensive linemen and quarterbacks. Identifying where No. 11 lines up is a priority, but working out which gap he'll blitz is another matter altogether.

Not many players can handle the responsibilities Quinn put on Parsons, but the Commanders do have a few options, including incumbent linebacker Jamin Davis.