10 perfect scenarios for the Washington Commanders in 2023

The 2023 season represents one of hope for the Commanders.

Eric Bieniemy
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Dyami Brown and Byron Pringle outpace Curtis Samuel

Dyami Brown once again showed out in the pre-season. It is clear to see that Sam Howell and the wide receiver still have that college connection from North Carolina.

He will emerge as a deep threat for the Washington Commanders this season. Byron Pringle will continue the success he had with Eric Bieniemy and the Kansas City Chiefs in 2021.

Combine that with Antonio Gibson getting more opportunities out wide, and it looks like there will be fewer opportunities for Curtis Samuel to make a difference.

Commanders RB Chris Rodriguez Jr. emerges quicker than expected

I'm excited to see a full season of Brian Robinson Jr. after seeing potential returning from his shooting-related injury last season. However, Chris Rodriguez Jr. has continued to show he belongs in pre-season, finishing with 17 rushes for 122 yards compared to 37 yards on eight carries for his teammate.

Yes, both players didn't see the same type of defensive competition. But Rodriguez has shown he is a bruiser and will likely be utilized by the Commanders in the red zone.

Could he pull an Isiah Pacheco and take over as the starting running back before the season ends? Only time will tell.

Eric Bieniemy lays the foundations to become Commanders head coach in 2025

With the Commanders making the playoffs in a perfect world, Josh Harris has no reason to fire Ron Rivera. However, with the strides made by the offense and the team's response to Bieniemy's coaching, it is clear that the team will want him to be its future head coach.

In this situation, the Commanders announce that Rivera will see out his contract before retiring and passing the reins over to Bieniemy.