6 tight ends the Commanders could select in the 2023 NFL Draft

(Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports) Darnell Washington
(Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports) Darnell Washington /
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(Michael Caterina/Notre Dame Insider via IMAGN Content Services) Michael Mayer /

Commanders could draft Michael Mayer

  • Selection – Round No. 1 (Pick No. 16)
  • Height – 6-foot-4 | Weight – 249 pounds
  • 2022 statistics – 67 receptions | 809 receiving yards | 9 touchdowns

Michael Mayer would be considered a slight reach at No. 16, so unless the Washington Commanders absolutely fall in love with him, a trade down to the late first round would be ideal. Something that would put the former Notre Dame standout in play unless he’s taken beforehand.

Mayer is a large-framed tight end with a strong demeanor that shows in his run-blocking ability. While he lacks speed and separation, he will greatly make up for it in his physical blocking and yards after the catch.

A good player comparison to Mayer would be former Dallas Cowboys tight end, Jason Witten. He was not very athletic but made up for it with his pure strength and always found a soft spot in the defense for an easy check down.

This is appealing with the potential of a young quarterback starting in 2023. Sam Howell needs a prominent security blanket across the middle and in the red zone to call upon, which is exactly what Mayer has to offer in this scenario.

Again, this all comes down to needs. But if the Commanders feel like Mayer can be the missing link for Eric Bieniemy’s offense, it’s something they’ll no doubt consider.