5 winnable Commanders games had Eric Bieniemy been OC in 2022

(Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports) Eric Bieniemy
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Which games could the Washington Commanders have won if Eric Bieniemy was around as the team’s offensive coordinator in 2022?

Following any regular season in the NFL, it is always tempting for fans to assess the schedule and imagine which games their favorite team should’ve won. This has become something of an annual ritual for Washington Commanders’ supporters every winter.

This year is no exception, especially considering how close the Commanders were to a second-straight postseason berth. But let’s toss an interesting ingredient into the mix as we consider the 2022 calendar.

For a moment, let’s imagine what could’ve been if new assistant head coach/offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy was able to land in Ashburn at this time last year.

First, the Commanders absolutely, positively wouldn’t have traded for quarterback Carson Wentz. A move that went horribly wrong and left the Commanders facing the prospect of pushing the reset button this offseason.

Those in power would’ve added current quarterback Sam Howell in the third round of last year’s draft according to many rumors and reports. That pick went to the Indianapolis Colts for the underperforming veteran, who’s going to be released in the near future.

Oh, what could’ve been? However, today is not about another bashing of Wentz or dwelling on that trade.

Instead, our focus is on the 2022 schedule and taking a look at five winnable games if Bieniemy had come to town a year sooner. Let’s take a look.