Jim Irsay doubles down on wanting to oust Commanders’ owner Dan Snyder

(Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports) Dan Snyder
(Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports) Dan Snyder /

The Washington Commanders are riding a two-game winning streak following their comeback victory over the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. The win didn’t come without off-field conflict however, as Tanya Snyder was bombarded with a smattering of boos and “sell the team” chants after she appeared on the video board.

The jeering and chants were very clearly directed at team owner Dan Snyder, who’s currently being investigated for fostering a toxic workplace environment, including the sexual harassment of female employees, withholding ticket revenue that’s required to be shared amongst other teams and suppressing refundable deposits from season-ticket holders.

At the NFL’s annual fall meetings last week in Manhattan, Jim Irsay sent shockwaves around the league by sharing his desire to remove Snyder from office.

It’s unclear how many owners are in lockstep with Irsay, but the driven Colts owner noted a vote (to remove Snyder) could come as soon as March, assuming the latest investigation into Snyder has wrapped up by then.

How motivated is Irsay to oust Snyder? He doubled down on his bombshell comments to FOX Sports insider Jay Glazer before Week 7.

Jim Irsay doubled down on his defiance of Commanders owner Dan Snyder.

"“I don’t not feel it’s in the best interests of the shield and the NFL,” Irsay said about Snyder selling the Commanders. “This is not how we should be represented, and it’s regrettable that we have to be in this position.”“I do believe that the concerns I have will merit a serious discussion among all the owners. I don’t want to see this swept under the rug again.”"

Once again, Irsay endears himself to the hearts of Commanders fans. The longtime Colts owner makes a great point, though. After the Beth Wilkinson investigation concluded, the NFL chose not to release its report about the then-Washington Football Team, referencing a motivation to “protect” the former employees who asked the league to release it.

The Commanders (Snyder) were fined $10 million and Snyder was instructed to concede day-to-day operations as owner and COO to his wife, Tanya. According to a recent report from ESPN, Snyder seemingly flied in the face of that punishment by allegedly pushing for the franchise to trade for Carson Wentz.

Before Glazer was finished, studio host Curt Menefee asked the insider if he felt Irsay had the support of other owners.

"“I would have said, if you asked me this a year ago, I’d probably say no,” Glazer said. “But I think that sentiment has started to change. When I asked him that, he [Irsay] said ‘we are bound as owners to listen to the fans, and we cannot put our heads into the sand on this.’”"

It’s notable Irsay doubled days after Roger Goodell was very clear during the fall meeting that he wanted owners to wait until the current investigation has ended to comment and draw conclusions on Snyder’s future in DC.

What more can you say about Irsay? The Colts owner isn’t backing down and is willing to make this as uncomfortable as possible for Snyder, even if it means defying Goodell’s wishes. That pretty much says it all.

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