Commanders rookies give new-look helmets ringing endorsement

Washington Commanders fans can hardly wait for the 2022 season.

Not only is there a new quarterback presiding over the offense, but the team will debut its new three-package uniform set and the incoming 2022 draft class generated all sorts of hype during rookie minicamp.

In terms of rookie camp, Jahan Dotson showed off his polished route-running ability, sticky hands and overlooked explosiveness. The first-round pick out of Penn State caught the majority of his passes from fifth-rounder Sam Howell, who looked shaky on a few passes but threw some beautiful deep balls.

We’re not going through run through all of Washington’s rookies, but it was by all accounts a successful minicamp. Between practicing for the first time as pros, half of the group signing their first NFL contracts, taking pointers from Ron Rivera and donning the team’s new helmets, it was a surreal weekend.

If you can believe it, the helmets were a big talking point. They haven’t gotten much publicity since the Feb. 2 rebrand, but folks haven’t forgotten how fetching they are and the Commanders’ rookies couldn’t help but gush over them.

The Commanders’ 2022 draft class loves the new-look helmets.

The uniforms were nowhere to be found, obviously, as the players sported standard practice jerseys for camp, but they became the first Washington players to don the new helmets in a game or practice setting.

Jonathan Allen was supposed to rep the black helmet at the Pro Bowl, but the league seemingly made him wear the the Washington Football Team helmet given he was voted in as a Football Teamer and not a Commander.

Getting back to the matter at hand, seventh-rounder Christian Holmes out of Oklahoma State came up with a unique description for the helmets. Coming from OSU, Holmes has likely seen his fair share of stylistic helmets, but they clearly paled in comparison to Washington’s judging by his reaction.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. … Not to be googly-eyed to it, but it’s hard. The helmet is pretty nice. It’s the dopest thing.”

Fourth-rounder Percy Butler joined Holmes in giving the headgear a ringing endorsement. Coming from a small school in Louisiana Lafayette, the former Rajin Cajun was starstruck when he first laid eyes on Washington’s helmets.

Here are Holmes and Butler’s live reactions.

This is amazing content. You already get the feeling that Holmes is a character and reporters are going to love his personality. For Butler, the helmets almost served as a reminder that he fulfilled his dream of making it to the NFL.

What more can you ask for?

Yes, they’re just rookies, but we get the feeling some of Washington’s veterans had similar reactions when they first put on the helmets. Whatever the case, it’s fair to say the matte burgundy is the early favorite.