Possible sponsors for new Washington Football Team stadium

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The Washington Football Team is likely to announce the location of a new stadium during the upcoming offseason.  A new major sponsor announcement is years away, but there are some clues as to which companies could step forward.

The Washington Football Team will be announcing a new name and identity (possibly with a mascot) on February 2 and the focus will then shift to a new stadium location.  The new home could be chosen in the coming months as the organization continues a major facelift that began in early 2020.  The construction will need to begin soon.  The lease for FedEx Field expires in 2027 and while Washington is not facing a critical deadline, the plans need to move in a decisively forward direction in the coming months.

When the new location is chosen and construction begins, the race will be on to find the primary stadium sponsor.  Since November 1999, transportation and e-commerce giant FedEx has held the naming rights to the Landover stadium and it could continue that relationship beyond 2027, but it is unknown if the Memphis-based company is willing to do so.  However, the Washington Football Team will be moving to a new home for the 2026-27 season.

Today, we will take a look at potential sponsors for the new stadium and examine which companies could be a good fit for the Burgundy and Gold.  There are many businesses that could fill the sponsorship needs of a new stadium, but we will focus on twenty-five such companies today and let you know why any of them could be a good fit.  Let’s take a look!

Numbers 25-21

The pharmaceutical industry has been at the forefront in recent years as healthcare has become a hot-button issue for politicians and citizens of the world.  For two years, a relentless pandemic continues to plague our planet and the medical industry is at the heart of this monumental challenge.  Three companies that could serve as solid sponsors for the new stadium include Merck, AstraZeneca, and Pfizer.

25 – Merck

Merck is the largest pharmaceutical company in the world and was established in Germany way back in 1668.  It is based in Kenilworth, NJ today and typically produces $9 billion in income each year.

24 – AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca is a British-Swedish company that is based in Cambridge, England and the USA headquarters is located in Wilmington, DE.  With an annual income of more than $5 billion per year, this medical giant could be a solid stadium sponsor.

23 – Pfizer

New York City’s Pfizer was founded in 1849 and is still headquartered in the Big Apple.  Pfizer has been front and center in the COVID-19 battle and their contributions to this fight continues to the present.  The annual income is believed to be greater than $9.5 billion per year.

It’s a pizza battle

22 – Pizza Hut

Everyone loves pizza.  Football fans love pizza.  A pizza chain could be a great stadium sponsor and Pizza Hut is a good option.  Pizza Hut is based in Plano, TX, and produces an annual revenue stream of $1.1 billion each year.

21 – Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza could roll the dice and become a stadium sponsor.  The Ann Arbor, MI-based chain has mastered the art of delivery and pickup – a key factor in weathering the pandemic over the last two years.  That strategy has helped them to thrive at a time when most businesses were forced to shut down.

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