Washington Football Team: A Halloween trick or treat?

Washington WR Terry McLaurin (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
Washington WR Terry McLaurin (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /

It’s been a tough start the the year on and off the field for the Washington Football Team. Heck, it’s been a tough couple decades.  So let’s lighten the mood some as we approach this Sunday’s Halloween showdown with the Denver Broncos.

With a 4:25 eastern start time it’s vital that fans who don’t want to be interrupted during the game have audibles in place capable of dealing with the in-game distractions of trick or treaters.

One suggestion would include the good karma play of leaving only the best full size candy treats on the porch. However, execution of this play must be flawless and includes posting a sign to only take “one each” or else early trick or treaters will surely take handfuls, leaving an empty container and the possibility of ringing doorbells as you watch the game intently.  Video surveillance and a cardboard cutout of something scary might help.  That may seem excessive, but in doubt, always think “What would Bill Belichick do”?

On the field, the Washington Football Team has quite the cast of characters. The coaches will game plan to disguise them.  But no player represents the fear of Halloween for opposing defenses more than “Scary Terry”. He can’t be disguised.  He’s Jason of Friday the 13th. He’s coming for them and there’s nothing they can do about it.

And while “Scary Terry” will provide nightmares for the Bronco’s defense on Halloween.  It’s the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde play of Taylor Heinicke that may scare Washington Football fans the most.  Which QB will come to play? Dr. Jekyll plays instinctive, he uses amazing athleticism to create plays off-script. He keeps the defense off-balance with his legs. But oh-my, when Mr.Hyde appears, poor decisions and bad turnovers occur. This Halloween, we can all agree, we want to see the good when it comes to Taylor Heinicke.

But there’s always a place for bad on Halloween.  We may not want it from our QB, but we wanna see it from our defensive line.  No, I’m not talking evil.  I’m talking about brining PAYNE.  Let the Greek God unleash his wrath on Teddy Bridgewater. And for Jonathan Allen, he doesn’t need a moniker, no costume needed. He’s the guy who dresses up as a football player, because, you know, that’s what he is.  His all business approach on a holiday Sunday will be a key to victory.

But while some of the scariest of monsters a QB can see approach them head on; it’s the one’s you don’t see coming that make you “Sweat”.  The “Predators” that you never see coming. QB’s lose sleep over those guys.

For Washington Football Fans, will this Sunday be a trick or treat? With this team, you certainly never know. Let’s hope Ron Rivera and the rest of the coaching staff all have a big “S” on their chest and capes on their back if they have any hope of saving this season.

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