Washington Football Team: Which positions are most valuable on Day 2?

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Washington Football Team helmet. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

The Washington Football Team has a lot of options in the 2021 NFL Draft, by virtue of the draft’s excellent overall depth and value at positions of need.

Oh, the Washington Football Team *has* to pick an offensive tackle in Round 1. The Washington Football Team *has* to pick a pass catcher in Round 1. The Washington Football Team will lose the draft if they don’t pick a linebacker at No. 19 overall.

Listen to that. You hear it? That’s the sound of fans talking in absolutes and consternating too much about a decision that’s more complicated than it appears.

The Washington Football Team doesn’t *have* to do anything in Round 1, and to demonstrate that, let’s take a look at the value that will be present at the deepest positions of need on Day 2. Washington has three picks on Day 2 — No. 51, No. 74, and No. 82 — and they could add even more in a trade back.

The bottom line is, at some of Washington’s top positions of need — tackle, linebacker, and receiver — the depth of the class is so great on Day 2 that it prevents Washington from pigeon-holing themselves in the first round. Taking a look at the depth of the class’ three deepest position groups, aside from cornerback, that truth only becomes more apparent.

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