Planning your Washington Football Team virtual tailgate

It’s almost game day, but fans will not be able to attend the Washington Football Team opener at FedEx Field.

It also ruins any plans for tailgating, but all is not lost for those who want to experience the pre-game ritual.

Tailgating before a football game or any sporting event is about as American as you can get.  The well-established tradition has also spread to other countries over the years, and for fans who love to gather and gorge on the goodies, it is an established part of the game-day festivities.

Sadly, fans of the Washington Football Team who like to tailgate at FedEx Field each fall, will not be able to do so this season due to the pandemic.  However, there is a solution to this dilemma and it is something that I have practiced for many years now.  Let me explain.

I live about 900 miles from FedEx Field and I’m physically handicapped.  My physical disabilities prevent me from traveling to faraway locations and it limits many activities in daily life.  The only exceptions are when the family can be with me – they know what to do in any personal emergency.  I would love to attend a tailgate, but it simply isn’t possible due to these restrictions.  But then an idea popped into my head one day!

There are many Washington Football Team fans out there who can’t make it to FedEx Field either due to distance, physical limitations, age, or financial considerations.  The idea was simple.  In this age of computers, cell phones, social media, and the internet, why not have a virtual tailgate?

I pitched the idea in a few places on the internet and it had a mild degree of success for several years.  No, it wasn’t the same as being there, but for people like me or for those who were in similar circumstances, it was the next best thing.

Fast forward to the present day.  Knowing that we can’t gather for home games, let’s have a virtual tailgate for each of the home games this season.  We can share what each of us is munching on before the game and give recommendations for all eight home games.  Or all sixteen games on the schedule!

There are no rules here and we can share in the comments each week or on social media.  Enjoying a virtual tailgate is not the same as being there – no arguments from me – but it does mean that we can come together in a very unique way.

My tailgate menu for the Eagles game?  Barbecue ribs, yellow rice, green beans, coleslaw, and mac and cheese.  No dessert, but I could change my mind quickly. We need a virtual gathering place for Sunday.  If you are on Twitter, this is the place and it is growing!

Feel free to join in through your Twitter account or just follow along with your favorite foods and cheering/yelling at that smart TV of yours.

Need some food ideas?  Try here or here – there are many good ideas to make the virtual tailgate a success.

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Good friends, good food, and cheering for your favorite team.  That makes for a great tailgate and while the virtual experience is not quite the same, we can make it a lot of fun.  Hope to see you there!