Ron Rivera has ‘no regrets’ about taking Redskins job

Ron Rivera doesn’t have any regrets about joining the Washington Redskins.

When Ron Rivera joined the Washington Redskins, the fit seemed like a good one for him. He was given a long-term contract, his new team had the No. 2 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the squad had a lot of young talent around, and the team had the cap space needed to spend in free agency should they have upper-echelon targets that they wanted to get.

So from that standpoint, the organization looked good. But as this offseason has shown, there has been plenty of problems with the team that Rivera has been tasked with fixing.

In the past month, the team has announced an intention to retire the “Redskins” moniker amid cries from corporate sponsors to do so.

Then, a sexual harassment scandal washed over the organization that led to the departure of pro personnel executives Alex Santos and Richard Mann II. In the wake of that, Rivera had to scramble to find replacements for them with just a couple of weeks remaining until training camp while dealing with other fallout related to the story.

Despite all of the negatives surrounding the team right now, Rivera isn’t backing down. He’s still happy that he took the job and as he texted Scott Fowler of The Charlotte Observer, he’s looking forward to improving the team.

No regrets. I look forward to the challenge of improving a 3-13 team. I want to build a sustainable winning culture, in every facet.

Rivera also acknowledged that he was completely unaware of the toxic corporate culture in the team’s front office (his exact words via text were “I had no idea about this stuff”).

It’s no surprise that Rivera is doubling down on his decision to join Washington. At this point, there wouldn’t be anything gained for him to say it was a mistake. Plus, he’s a natural leader and he may well view this as a legitimate opportunity to transform the Washington culture. If he can build it the right way, perhaps he can both build a winner on the field and create an acceptable front office environment for all.

Both of those things would be welcome changes for a long-dysfunctional Washington team.

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Rivera is the right man to lead Washington past this time of organizational turmoil. It may take him time to get things on track, but as long as he’s in town, fans can expect him to serve as a high-character leader and do what he can to win.