Redskins to hold training camp at team facilities in Ashburn

The Redskins have made a yearly tradition out of holding training camp at Bon Secours Training Center in Richmond, but in 2020, circumstances will force that to change.

It was known early on that the flare-up of the novel coronavirus outbreak in the United States would severely impact the offseason functions of the NFL. Teams such as the Washington Redskins were forced to conduct the 2020 NFL Draft remotely, and even as far out as July and August, it appears as though changes will be made to mitigate potential spreading.

NFL insider Adam Schefter recently reported that all NFL teams will be required to remain at their primary team facilities for training camp this summer, as opposed to using a different location. Last year, the Redskins were one of ten teams to hold training camp outside of their primary facilities. In 2020, they’ll have to stay home instead.

According to Schefter, the decision to restrict the use of other facilities for training camp was made with two key factors in mind: The obvious need for travel, and limiting the risks associated with that travel, and the risks of maintaining two different facilities, as opposed to one. Additionally, teams will not be able to hold joint practices, a commonality for some in the late summer.

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These changes confirm that the Washington Redskins will be holding their 2020 training camp session in Ashburn, Virginia, and the nature of these changes deems it likely that fans and spectators will not be allowed to attend, although further conclusions depend on the progression of the coronavirus outbreak in the local area.

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Some players may have to adjust to these changes, but Redskins head coach Ron Rivera will not; this will be his first training camp with the Washington Redskins, and it may end up being more convenient for him to hold all operations at home base, as opposed to moving around between Ashburn and Richmond.

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