Why a team likely wouldn’t trade up with the Redskins to get Chase Young

There has been some talk about the Redskins considering a trade down in the 2020 NFL Draft. That said, if they do move down, it will likely be an exchange with a team needing a quarterback, not a team moving up to get Chase Young.

With most of the NFL’s free agency now in the books, the Washington Redskins will shift most of their attention to the 2020 NFL Draft. And ahead of the even, which begins three weeks from today, they’ll have a critical decision to make about their first-round pick.

The ‘Skins are armed with the No. 2 overall selection. And at the moment, it seems likely that they will stay put at that spot and spend the pick on Ohio State edge rusher Chase Young. The excellent pass rusher logged 16.5 sacks last season for the Buckeyes and is widely considered to be the best overall player in this draft class.

That said, the Redskins are also reportedly considering trading down. They lack a second-round pick from the Montez Sweat deal last year, so they may want to recoup that and other assets via trade to help accelerate their rebuild. This is a less likely outcome than them staying put at No. 2 because the team would need to be blown away by an offer to pass on Young.

The teams that have been identified as potential trade candidates include the Miami Dolphins and Los Angeles Chargers. Both need long-term answers at the quarterback position and could have an interest in selecting Tua Tagovailoa. They could consider trading up to ensure they get their quarterback of choice, so they would be the likely trade partners for Washington.

However, a question was posed to me a couple of days ago about another possibility. Could a team trade up with the Redskins and target Chase Young with that pick considering that he’s the draft’s most talented player? The possibility exists, but it seems highly unlikely.

The main reason for this is related to the compensation that the Redskins would have to get to pass on Young. Because the Redskins reportedly love Young so much, they may they’ll only be willing to give him up for a bounty of picks. This would almost certainly include multiple first-round picks, a second-round pick, and maybe more if teams get into a bidding war for the pick.

Simply put, most teams aren’t going to pay that type of draft capital to get a pass rusher. Some squads would be okay with surrendering that type of haul to get a franchise quarterback, but that’s about the only type of asset a team would trade that much for. So, that makes it unlikely that a team would trade up to get Young unless a team like the Detroit Lions at the No. 3 spot really become enamored with him and elects to blow the ‘Skins away with assets to get them to pass on him.

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Nothing is impossible in the NFL Draft. But it seems highly unlikely that a team would trade up with the goal of selecting Young. The Redskins still could trade down, but if they do, it will almost certainly be with a team that’s looking to move up and get a specific quarterback prospect like Tagovailoa.

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