Reuben Foster has nerve damage from knee injury, regains feeling in toes

Reuben Foster suffered a nasty knee injury for the Washington Redskins last offseason. But the extent of it was evidently further than anyone previously knew.

The 2019 Redskins campaign got off to an ominous start when Reuben Foster suffered a major knee injury during the team’s OTAs. Foster tore his ACL, LCL, and MCL and faced a long road to recovery ahead of his first season with the ‘Skins.

However, nobody knew exactly how bad the damage was until a story broke about Foster’s condition on Sunday.

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Foster had sustained nerve damage in addition to his major injury. And that caused him to lose feeling in his toes for several months. But now, he has reportedly regained feeling.

For the first time, [Foster’s agent Malki] Kawa disclosed that Foster also sustained nerve damage. Foster couldn’t feel his toes for the last several months — that ended this week with an optimistic development.

“He’s got feeling in his toes, the underside of his foot, the side of his foot,” Kawa said by phone from South America. “The nerve is starting to fire again.”

This is massive news for the Redskins. It’s good that Foster’s nerve is starting to fire again and that he is recovering. That said, there’s no guarantee that he will be ready for the start of the 2020 season, as the team isn’t putting a timetable on his return.

As Rapoport pointed out in his article, the “drop foot” that Foster is dealing with is similar to what Dallas Cowboys linebacker Jaylon Smith dealt with after suffering a major knee injury at Notre Dame. Smith was still selected in the second round by Dallas, but he missed his entire rookie season as he recovered from that injury.

Foster will have had far more time to recover comparatively to Smith, but the team will likely approach his injury with caution. And if Foster isn’t fully ready for action, the team has to have a backup plan ready.

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It’s good to hear that Foster’s condition is improving. But the Redskins need to make sure they have extra depth at the linebacker position moving forward, just in case Foster isn’t ready to start the 2020 season. They’ll have to look to free agency and the draft to build up this depth, especially with the team switching to a 4-3 defense this season.

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