Redskins: Riggo’s Rag Podcast – Analyzing NFC East coaching hires

The Redskins weren’t the only team in the NFC East to make a head coaching change in the fledgeling days of 2020.

As a matter of fact, the Washington Redskins were one of three teams to do so, with the Philadelphia Eagles being the lone constant in the division. The Cowboys ended the long-withstanding Jason Garrett era, while the New York Giants fired re-tread head coach Pat Shurmur after two subpar seasons.

Among the new head coaching hires, many different types of coaches were present. The Giants got a young, budding leader in former New England Patriots special teams coordinator Joe Judge, the Cowboys got a former Super Bowl champion in Mike McCarthy, and the Redskins got the cultural savant in Ron Rivera.

With all the hires now official, and the coaching landscape of the NFC East all but set, we can take a step back and judge these hires, both one by one, and in comparison with one another. I wrote an article on the issue already, but let’s be honest: My writing isn’t that great, and some things have changed since then. Thus, we fired up the podcast machine start the discussion about the NFC East’s new, exciting coaching hierarchy.

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This time around, I was joined by site co-expert Jacob Camenker and contributor Conor Forrest. We each went around the table and discussed each coaching move in the NFC East, and we even got a chance to talk about Matt Rhule, who replaced Ron Rivera in Carolina.

Among other things, we discussed where Rivera has the other coaches beat, where he might lack, and the issue of ceiling versus floor. Conor and Jacob are particularly bullish on the Rivera hiring, and we had a great conversation about where the team can go with him in charge. To listen, go ahead and click the play button below!

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Have your own thoughts about the Rivera hire, now that we’ve had time to process the changes? Feel free to give your thoughts in the comments section below, and stay tuned for the next episode of the Riggo’s Rag Podcast!

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