Redskins: Riggo’s Rag Podcast – Post-Ron Rivera reality check

Things are changing in D.C. But are they changing for the better? In our latest podcast, we analyze the Redskins latest moves in-depth.

The Washington Redskins hired Ron Rivera after the turn of the decade, and in doing so, they set their franchise on a new path. Bruce Allen is gone. The team is being effectively reset. And a new future is being forged.

The default outlook is positive; after all, Dan Snyder summoned the willpower to fire one of his closest confidants in the organization in Bruce Allen. He stood behind a podium and acknowledged the need for change. And Ron Rivera, a coach who has succeeded before at the NFL level and organized a cultural reset, is in D.C., with the authority he needs to work effectively.

All indications suggest the Redskins are moving in the right direction. But are there questions that come with all this movement? What specifically is there to be optimistic about, and where might reservations begin to form? That’s the subject of the latest episode of the Riggo’s Rag Podcast!

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Last week, on New Year’s Eve, Jacob and I met to give a quick rundown of the breaking news surrounding the team. We quickly graded the move, and my cat chimed in. This time around, we’ve had time to let the shock settle, and other lower staffing decisions have been made. In this episode, I was joined by Tim Payne, one of our writers, to delve deeper into the Redskins turn of the decade, and get a better sense of reality, in these hectic times.

Among other things, we talk about the overall hire of Rivera and what it means for the Redskins franchise, the staffing changes that have been made thus far (minus offensive coordinator, as this was recorded yesterday), and Dan Snyder’s role in all this, and how whether or not he’s evolved is incredibly important in guaranteeing progress for the team.

A quick note before you listen: I was in a hall way at school, and I am currently getting over a bad cold, so it’ll be a little quieter than usual. To listen, simply click the play button below!

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Feel free to give us your thoughts on the Rivera hire, as well as coaching moves that have been made recently, and stay tuned for more news updates and analyses.

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