Redskins Halftime Takeaways: Green Bay sobers the ‘Skins

Halfway through their Week 14 matchup, the Washington Redskins trail the Green Bay Packers, in what’s been a sobering two quarters thus far.

The Washington Redskins came into their Week 14 matchup against the Green Bay Packers with two recent wins in their back pocket. Those wins gave the team a new sense of confidence, and helped repair some of the erosion that had begun to occur earlier in the season.

That said, the Redskins were given plenty of opportunities by the Lions and the Panthers in their respective wins, and they quickly learned in this one that the Packers of 2019 are a cut above the usual Sunday opponent.

So far, the Packers lead the Redskins 14-6. They’ve outmatched Washington on both sides of the ball, but Washington has managed to keep the game respectably close. Injuries have plagued the Redskins early; Derrius Guice went down with a leg injury early, after running for 42 yards on five carries, and the cornerback unit has also experienced similar problems.

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On defense, the Redskins communication issues in the secondary reared their ugly heads once again, but the defensive line was opportunistic, notching multiple sacks when Aaron Rodgers chose to roam the pocket. On offense, Washington was even less successful or consistent; Dwayne Haskins had moments, but he was largely ineffective, and he seemed to be favoring his ankle. If Haskins is ailing, then Washington needs to sit him to avoid further injury.

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The outlook doesn’t look good in the second half for Washington, considering the injuries that have occurred thus far. They’ll need a spark to compete with the Packers, and they’ll have to ensure that whatever adjustments the Packers make at the half, they aren’t confounded or left in the dust. There’s still two quarters left to play. Stick with us, as we’ll soon reach the inevitable conclusion.

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