Redskins: Riggo’s Rag Podcast – Questions for the future after 2019

The Redskins have a football game next week, but in a sense, it doesn’t feel like it.

In 2019, the Washington Redskins football team has descended to a level of ineptitude rarely seen, even in one of the most dysfunctional organizations in professional sports. In the Dan Snyder era, the Redskins worst season record is 3-13, set in 2013. This year, the Redskins are 1-9 through ten games, and their best chance to double their win total may have already past.

The Redskins have only managed one win twice in the organization’s history, and never in the Super Bowl era. The last time Washington was bad enough to accomplish that feat was in 1961, at the midpoint between the Sammy Baugh days and the Gibbs dynasty of the 1980s.

Now, with interim head coach Bill Callahan leading the way, the Redskins are dangerously close to renewing that accomplishment. Week in and week out, Washington has been outmatched this season. In every loss besides their Week 1 defeat against Philadelphia, the Redskins have lost by two possessions or more. This degree of failure has rendered the fan base numb, and nothing can quell the calls for change.

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Even in all this gloom, however, there are bright spots. On offense, Derrius Guice and Terry McLaurin are dynamic young talents, and first-round rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins has been showing growth each week. On defense, there is talent in pockets. But the Redskins need to know how to move forward the right way, both in the front office and the coaching staff, in order to maximize these pieces in the future. How do they do that? That’s the subject of our latest podcast episode!

Tune in as Jacob Camenker and I talk about a number of topics, from the potential firing of Bruce Allen, to a theoretical team rebuild. Not sold on Dwayne Haskins, despite his recent progress? We touch on the upcoming quarterback class and whether “Rosen-ing” Haskins is a viable option. Want a new offensive line for 2019? We put together a new unit in here. Click the play button below to listen to our very radiogenic voices.

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What are your thoughts? How destructive are you willing to be in the full rebuild? Let us know in the comments section below, and hit us up with any questions you might have as well!

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