Redskins QB Dwayne Haskins embraces new role, cherishes added reps

The New York Jets game won’t be the first on-field appearance for Redskins quarterback Dwayne Haskins. But it’ll be the first game in which he has the full confidence of the team behind him.

It was bound to happen to Dwayne Haskins at some point; the Washington Redskins invested a first-round pick in Haskins in April, and the only way to get the most out of that investment is to give Haskins all the time and support possible. It’s been a process getting to that point for a down-trodden Washington squad, but now that they’re there, there’s a certain clarity, from the head coach, to the final member of the 53.

Haskins spoke to the media as the team’s starting quarterback at a press conference earlier today, and in that press conference, he spoke about the impact that the team’s confidence in him provides. When asked about his new role, Haskins said that he was “very excited about coach Callahan naming me the starter for the rest of the season. Worked really hard to get to this point, and even more work has to be done to continue to go forward.”

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Haskins also spoke on the impact that added reps provide, and what makes reps different from simple studying off the field. Here is the quote from Haskins below:

I just feel like the more reps I get, the easier it’ll be for me to play naturally and see differently. As I play, the more mistakes I’ll learn from, and the better plays I’ll make.

I felt comfortable with the play book before. It’s just, now I’m seeing the reps for the first time, seeing them live, and it’s different when you just hear the play, and you talk about the play, but you never really went through the play live before, and now that I’m able to get multiple reps of different stuff and different looks and different things happening in a game, it makes it easier to go execute.

Haskins expanded on the details of on-field development later on, saying that the different possible scenarios demand the acclimation to live action. He also placed an emphasis on gaining authority as a young quarterback, and earning the respect of his older peers, and said that the only way for him to earn that is to keep working hard at his craft, and taking every possible opportunity to learn.

For Haskins, this saga is a step in the right direction; not long ago, the “bust” label was being thrown about Haskins’ midst prematurely. But after a NFL starting debut in which he showed growth, and after the coaching staff’s declaration of trust in him as the starting quarterback, Haskins has all the tools at his disposal to catalyze his development and start the path to production.

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That said, Haskins isn’t taking the label and running with it. He concluded his press conference by saying that he isn’t trying to prove anything; he’s simply looking to make the most of every rep, and fulfill the potential he knows he has. Haskins’ maturation is a positive sign, and with any luck, he can carry it through to the end of the regular season.

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