Tank Wars – Washington Redskins Week 6 Reality Checks

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The Redskins organization doesn’t seem to know it, but they are officially in a race to the bottom of the NFL standings, which comes with the prized  first pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

While the Bengals are certainly a threat for that coveted designation, it appears they may be just good enough to put together 3-4 wins and finish a distant third. The clear favorites in this particular race are the Miami Dolphins, whom the Washington Redskins are facing this coming Sunday.

As Ian Cummings pointed out a few weeks back, the Dolphins are going about their tank attempt the right way, while the Redskins steadfastly refuse to acknowledge their status as the 2-seed in this particular race. Staunch Redskins fans like @funnydanny and @burgundyblog , and countless others have joined me in advocating for the Redskins to pursue the tank with vigor and fervor.

But, as usual, the Redskins’ brass are not only delusional about their current circumstance, but also deaf to their fans’ desperate pleas for responsible management. As a result, they have spent this week seeking to convince the world that Jay Gruden was the reason for the team’s failures, that more carries for Adrian Peterson is the solution, and that Bill Callahan (the same guy who has been the assistant head coach for the last five years) will now be revolutionizing the entire football operation, transforming this 0-5 team into a contender. Color me skeptical.

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So with that backdrop, here are a few Reality Checks to ponder as you prepare for the Redskins’ trip to South Florida and watch the team in their first contest after they named Jay Gruden their scapegoat.

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