Cowboys win over Saints will hurt Redskins chances of winning NFC East

The Dallas Cowboys knocked off the New Orleans Saints at home in a surprising Thursday night victory. The Cowboys win is going to make it harder for the Redskins to stay competitive in the NFC East.

This week was always going to be a big one in the NFC East. The Redskins and Eagles are meeting in a key Monday-night matchup that has massive implications in the division. The winner will still have a chance to make the playoffs and compete for the NFC East crown. The loser? Things would look bleak.

Of course, that wasn’t the only big game this week. The Cowboys were taking on the Saints on Thursday night in a contest that few expected that Cowboys to have a shot in. The red-hot Saints had won 10 in a row and though they were on the road, their offense was unstoppable. So, the winner of the Eagles-Redskins game would likely be in first place in the NFC East, right?

Not so fast.

The Cowboys surprised everyone with a massive home win over the Saints. By a score of 13-10, the Cowboys knocked off one of the presumptive Super Bowl favorites and shut down one of the best offenses in the NFL. It was a complete showing from the Dallas team, and their defense was really able to lead them to victory in the contest.

This signature win for the Cowboys now pushes them to 7-5. That guarantees that they will be atop the NFC East next week no matter what. The Redskins-Eagles game now becomes even more critical. For the ‘Skins, a win would keep them tied with the Cowboys for first and still well within striking range for the playoffs. It also would virtually eliminate the Eagles, who would sit two games back in the division with four games left.

However, a loss could now push the Redskins to third-place in the division. And if that happens, it will be extremely difficult for them to climb out of that type of hole with the team constructed as it currently is. In short, this Cowboys win has massive ramifications on the Redskins, and it can’t be ignored.

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Perhaps we were guilty of writing off Dallas against New Orleans. I know I was for sure. But now, the worst-case scenario is no longer a three-way tie for first in the division. It’s being in third place. The Redskins really have to show up in Philly on Monday, so here’s hoping they can put forth a strong effort, especially in wake of what the Cowboys just showed against the Saints. If Washington can’t show up, their season truly could unravel.

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