Why the Washington Redskins should sign wide receiver Dez Bryant


After spending his first seven years in Dallas, Dez Bryant has been released by the Cowboys and is officially a free agent. Here’s why the Washington Redskins should sign him, for the right price.

Dez Bryant was considered one of the league’s top receivers just three seasons ago. That may seem like a while ago, but to blame him for his recent lack of production is uninformed and incorrect.

Between the years 2012-2014, Bryant averaged 144 targets per season, leading him to average 91 receptions, 1,311 yards, and nearly 14 touchdowns per season. However, since the loss of Tony Romo, he’s only averaged 100 targets per season, so it’s no wonder his production has dropped off. If the Washington Redskins were to sign Bryant, it would add another weapon to the passing offense. Alex Smith would be willing to sling it and give Bryant the opportunities to make plays; opportunities Bryant didn’t get with Dallas in recent years.

Bryant also wouldn’t command the kind of price tag he was set to earn next year in Dallas. His production in 2017 didn’t match the money he was making, so the Cowboys decided to move on.

Bryant will still get a nice contract, however, it’s been reported that he left team facilities saying he’ll “see (you) guys twice a year”, according to Jeff Kerr of 247 Sports. This is good news for the Washington Redskins; it means they could get Bryant for cheaper than any other teams, due to their historic rivalry with the Cowboys. If the Washington Redskins can get Bryant for a one year, $8-9 million per year, it would be a steal. Adding another receiver of Bryant’s caliber to the Washington Redskins passing offense would instantly give them one of the league’s most dangerous passing attacks.

Alex Smith‘s skill set benefits every weapon he’s given. His receiving core last year, aside from Tyreek Hill, was made of mismatch pieces nowhere near the caliber of Bryant. Bryant has had a drop off in production due to a lack of opportunities, but make no mistake: he’s ready to play, and he’ll be back with a vengeance.

The Washington Redskins are notorious for taking ex-Cowboys players, and this situation is exactly like that of DeSean Jackson and Josh Norman. Both were released late into free agency and the Washington Redskins immediately went after them. Dez Bryant had a “down” year last season, but his stats still would’ve led the Redskins in all major receiving categories.

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Washington Redskins fans need to understand that a making a move for Dez Bryant for the right price is smart, and will make the team better. It will bring competition to the wide receiver room, it brings a proven No. 1 receiver, and it could be the resurgence Dez Bryant’s career needs to get him back to those top five receiver days.