Washington Redskins players have no idea what is going on

Adam Scheffer has reported that the Washington Redskins sent Kendall Fuller to the Kansas City Chiefs, in exchange for Alex Smith. Fuller himself, however, is baffled.

Earlier tonight, word broke out that the Washington Redskins would be sending a third round pick and an unidentified player to the Kansas City Chiefs in exchange for veteran quarterback Alex Smith. After some rather impatient waiting, we now have reason to believe that the unidentified player listed in the reports is standout slot cornerback, and former Virginia Tech Hokie Kendall Fuller.

The reality appears to be sinking in, slowly, with resistance. But the reports are consistent with the notion that Kendall Fuller is the unidentified player mentioned in the details of the trade. However, Kendall Fuller was not aware of the negotiations. And neither were his team mates.


From the intricacies of the situation, it sounds as if the trade negotiations were rather fast moving. As many as six teams were interested in Alex Smith this morning, and the the Washington Redskins were quick to pounce on the prize. Too quick, it seems.

We are still waiting for confirmation that Kendall Fuller is the player mentioned in the trade detailed by Adam Schefter and other credible reporters. But if he is, it would be a massive blow to the Washington Redskins’ defense. Fuller was the most improved player on the team last year, logging four interceptions en route to a stellar season that saw him garner recognition as an elite slot corner.

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One has to wonder, not if the Washington Redskins lost this trade, but how badly they lost. Alex Smith is a good quarterback. But he is growing older, and soon enough, they will be looking for a quarterback again. The move shows a heinous disregard for the future that is too typical of Bruce Allen.

Fuller, just 22 years old, appeared to have a long and bountiful career ahead in the nation’s capital. But if these reports are true, he could be headed to the great plains. Don’t go asking Fuller, or any of his fellow players, what’s going on. They appear to have been left in the dark. They have no idea what is going on. And neither do we.

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