Washington Redskins Fans Will Miss Ex-Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo

Dec 8, 2013; Landover, MD, USA; Washington Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan (91) sacks Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) during the second half at FedEx Field. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports
Dec 8, 2013; Landover, MD, USA; Washington Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan (91) sacks Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) during the second half at FedEx Field. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports /

The Dallas Cowboys released longtime quarterback Tony Romo today. He will pursue a career in broadcasting and retire from football. Washington Redskins fans will truly miss this rival.

I remember watching the Dallas Cowboys playing the New York Giants in a Monday Night Football game back on October 23, 2006. Just before halftime, starting quarterback Drew Bledsoe threw an interception when it looked like the Cowboys were about to take the lead. They trailed 12-7 at the half. When the 2nd half started a little know Tony Romo took the field at quarterback. He never looked back and became the face of the franchise until today.

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I grew up a die-hard Redskins fan, therefore I hated the Cowboys and especially their quarterbacks. I respected Roger Staubach , however I never liked him because he continuously ripped my heart out. It was easy to hate Danny White, Troy Aikman and the other journeymen that played quarterback for the Cowboys. Tony Romo was different because he was actually likeable. While the Redskins searched for answers at quarterback, my Aunt Noreen used to say Tony Romo was the one Cowboy she wished was playing for the Redskins and I agreed.

While we suffered through Jason Campbell, Donovan McNabb, and John Beck, the Cowboys were in good hands with Romo. He didn’t have the usual unfounded arrogance of Cowboys players. He went about his business of making the Cowboys a contender while also serving as the excuse when anything went wrong.  Romo took blame for more things that weren’t his fault than anyone in Cowboys history. As a result, this is why Redskins fans will miss him so much.

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The focus was always on what Romo did to let the Cowboys down. They never realized he was the reason they were contenders. Dallas never became a Super Bowl team because instead of getting him help, the blamed Romo for their shortcomings. It was great to watch as a Redskins fan. Owner Jerry Jones looked at Romo as his son while fans and media looked at him as a bum. Their soap opera over shadowed the reality show better known as the Washington Redskins.

What Redskins fan does not remember Romo’s greatest hits. Watching him drop a snap for a game winning field goal against Seattle in the 2006 playoffs was amazing. In 2007, Romo tossed an interception to end a playoff game against the Giants in Texas Stadium when the Cowboys were Super Bowl favorites.

Terrell Owens gave us a catch phrase that is still used today, while crying at a press conference. “That’s My Quarterback” became a great way for Redskins fans to make fun of Romo and the Cowboys. The cherry on the sundae was Dez Bryant and the “that was a catch” game against the Packers in 2014.  The Cowboys had finally gotten the wrong side of an officials decision.

The Redskins battled Romo to a virtual draw with his Cowboys, holding a 9-7 record against the burgundy and gold in games he played. We ripped his heart out when the late great Sean Taylor returned a blocked field goal and Nick Novak kicked the game tying field goal with no time on the clock. Novak then kicked game winner in overtime during a 2006 Redskins 22-19 victory. The Redskins ruined Romo’s turkey dinner on Thanksgiving Day 2012 when Robert Griffin III and the Skins went into Jerry World and won 38-31. His 2012 season ended at Fed Ex Field when the Redskins won 28-18 to capture the NFC East Division title.

The good news is that with Romo leaving we can get back to our duty as Redskins fans and truly hate the Cowboys again. From the Roger Staubach and Tony Dorsett duo to the current Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott pairing, Redskins fans can yell “We Want Dallas” with the spirit and hatred those words deserve. Redskins fans will miss Tony Romo because we never felt the Cowboys would win the Super Bowl while he was there.

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