Chris Cooley: Scorned, Salty, or Justified?


Former Washington Redskins Tight End Chris Cooley isn’t a puppet for anyone. He’s salty.

Chris Cooley’s recent comments are one of many shots he’s taken at the team. Now reports suggest his latest banter about Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan’s alleged drinking may have reason. According to CBS DC’s Chris Lingebach, Chuck Sapienza, former program director of WTEM said, “He’s too smart to not throw something out there unless he was either told something, heard something or he’s seen something….There’s no way that he just speculates. Nobody with the intelligence level of Chris would speculate on somebody having a drinking issue unless that was something that he, like I said, had either seen, heard or was told…”

Sapienza made a great attempt to explain away Cooley’s comments. Redskins fans: You know better. Chris Cooley is the same person that wanted to play for the Redskins so bad in 2015 he would have played for minimum salary. He even offered to donate a portion of that salary to charity. To sweeten the deal (stand by...) he promised not to throw anyone under the bus after the contract expired. And before you quote stats and value, in 2015 he was already two seasons displaced from the game.  He watched  McCloughan – the same guy he’s talking reckless about – shut the door on any chances of a return (motive much?).  He reached out  to  the Arizona Cardinals and the New York Giants. That didn’t work. He wanted a starting position. That was never going to happen again. He’s done, and he can’t accept it.  He’s a man with a broken heart. To go from being a famed starter to watching from the sidelines had to sting. However, you can’t allow attitudes and actions that equate a scorned ex  to rule you.

Cooley has a Redskins legacy that deserves respect.  That will remain intact because he was a good player and a great Redskin. It’s the man we see now that needs to relax.

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