Former Jaguar Will Blackmon Advocates for Gus Bradley as DC


Will Blackmon gave Gus Bradley a good endorsement to be the team’s defensive coordinator. Will they be able to land him for the job?

Former Jacksonville Jaguars coach Gus Bradley has emerged as a leading candidate to the fill the Redskins’ vacancy at defensive coordinator. Bradley already has at least one ally within the organization: former Jaguar and current Redskins safety Will Blackmon.

"“I played for Gus [Bradley] in Jacksonville and worked out for him when he was in Seattle,” Blackmon said in an interview with’s Brooke Cersosimo. “He’s had the most recent success in terms of building solid defenses.”"

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Blackmon played most of his downs as the Redskins’ strong safety this year, a role the Jaguars also asked him to play. Blackmon’s advocacy boils to down his familiarity with the former defensive coordinator and coach.

"“If I had a preference, I’d pick Gus,” said Blackmon. “I already know what I’m going to get because I’ve seen it. I just know he brings a competitive atmosphere where the best guy is going to be on the field. He’s going to challenge everybody, motivate everybody and inspire everybody. He’s an uplifting person and I think you need that out of a coach.”"

Blackmon also applauded his sincerity.

"“The biggest thing about him is he’s genuine,” he finished. “He genuinely wants to see you succeed.”"

Bradley was successful as the defensive coordinator of the Seahawks. He orchestrated their title-winning defense from the 2009 to the 2012 season. He developed talented players such as Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor. After that, he took on the role of Jaguars head coach. However, that assignment was less successful, to say the least. Bradley went 14-48 in his four years as head coach.

Nonetheless, Bradley’s sharp defensive mind and innovative schemes could work well with the Redskins defense. The ‘Skins have much better defensive personnel than the lowly Jaguars. And if Blackmon’s favoritism is any indicator, Bradley would inspire the locker room as well.

Therefore, the possibility excites Blackmon. If the front office shares his enthusiasm, the Redskins may have found a new defensive coordinator.

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