Redskins Prediction: DeAngelo Hall survives training camp, gets released


Washington Redskins Cornerback DeAngelo Hall has had some bad breaks – no pun intended. Six great years and three really bad ones? That’s a hard sell.

DeAngelo Hall has seen a lot in 13 seasons. He now fights to be a part of the defensive conversation for 2017. They’re going to need all hands on deck.  Obvious? Yes. In the past three years he’s played 17 games. There’s the torn ACL in his right knee Week 3 vs. the New York Giants. He tore his Achilles two years before the 2016 season. He’s had toe issues.

Should the Redskins keep him? No. Does head coach Jay Gruden owe it to Hall? No. For principle alone, is it the right thing to do? Sure. Would he start? No. There is a lot of young talent in front of him.

However, they could use his experience. The DeAngelo Hall era has not been all bad. He’s been a top defender in years past, and I think he has “that year” left in him. According to SportTrac, he’s only worth $812,500 in dead cap space to the organization. Hall could be a great adviser to the younger players. That would be honorable and a testament to his dedication to the team.

Here’s the cold reality: Former Redskins running back Alfred Morris had one bad year. The result? He’s a Cowboy now.   Hall may have injured himself out of a job. Hall will survive training camp, but will be released afterwards. They’ll give him that much.  He wants to play, and not only play, but start. Hall might find that opportunity elsewhere, but not with the Redskins in 2017.

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