5 NFL Teams Desperate Enough to Trade for Robert Griffin III

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Brian Hoyer
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Houston Texans

If it wasn’t for their pitiful play at quarterback, the Texans might have been a legitimate Super Bowl contender in 2015. The defense was sensational, but the offense’s inability to consistently put up points and make plays forced them to crumble during the playoffs.

That’s why finding a capable starter this offseason is a top priority. Unfortunately, having the No. 22 overall pick during the 2016 NFL Draft doesn’t exactly offer a ton of options. However, Houston has the power to make an offer to the Redskins that convinces them to send Griffin back to his old stomping grounds.

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Griffin isn’t the perfect fit for the Texans offense, but he’s an exciting athlete who has had the last year to heal. Given the opportunity, he’d be ten times the starter that Brian Hoyer ever could be.