The 5 Worst Starters on the Redskins Roster Right Now

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Dashon Goldson
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FS Dashon Goldson

One of the Redskins’ most disappointing players of 2015 was Goldson. While many people praise him for his leadership skills and veteran presence in the locker room, there’s no denying that he was a disaster on the field this past season. That’s why I decided to kick this list off with him.

Don’t be fooled by the 110 tackles he racked up during the 2015 campaign–Goldson was a train wreck last year. According to ProFootballFocus, he finished the season ranked as one of the worst starting safeties in the NFL. Although he showed capable abilities as a coverage safety, his poor angles and tackling in the running game were a serious sore thumb for the Redskins defense.

Goldson is scheduled to make $8 million in 2016, none of which is guaranteed. I’m a proponent for Washington giving him the boot, but many believe he’ll take a significant pay cut to stay with the team. One way or another, it would be a wise move for the Redskins to get him off the field more and give some of their younger safeties an opportunity to prove they can be a playmakers in the NFL.

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