5 Redskins Rumors You Need to Know About Right Now

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robert griffin III
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Robert Griffin III Headed for Dallas?

One way or another, Griffin will be leaving Washington this offseason. Whether he’s simply released or the Redskins find a way to convince someone to trade for him, it’s inevitable at this point that he’ll be wearing a different jersey when the 2016 campaign rolls around. By what the rumor mill is currently telling us, there’s a good chance it’ll be a Cowboys jersey.

Dallas owner Jerry Jones has long had a man crush on Griffin, who he sees as an outstanding athlete and quarterback who has the potential to take over games when healthy. He’s praised the former Heisman Trophy winner on a number of occasions, and obviously needs to add another quarterback to his roster after how horrible the Cowboys played when Tony Romo was hurt last season.

While Griffin’s chances of starting are slim behind the proven Romo, he may have an opportunity to step in for the injury-prone Dallas quarterback. Plus, signing with the Cowboys would get him playing under an owner who loves him and is way too involved, he’d be returning to his old stomping grounds, and he could (hypothetically) stick it to the Redskins twice a year.

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