2016 NFL Mock Draft: Full First-Round Projections, Super Bowl Edition

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NFL Draft 2016
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57. <p>It seems like, almost every year, the Bears are pouring significant assets into their front seven without it yielding significant results. They saw some added production this season with the help of a new coaching staff, but they’re still waiting for a legitimate star to emerge from their young group of defensive linemen. That wouldn’t take long if Rankins was in the fold.</p> <p>While there are some split opinions on Rankins’ NFL potential, he’s received comparisons to Aaron Donald. That speaks volumes to his athleticism, explosiveness and ability to wreak havoc as both a pass rusher and run defender. Just look at the tape from the Senior Bowl practices, during which some of the country’s best offensive linemen couldn’t keep him in check.</p> <p>Getting Rankins would be a huge addition for the Bears, a team that is still looking far and wide for serious playmakers on the defensive side of the ball. While he still has some growing to do, it wouldn’t be a surprise considering his tape and overall skill set to see him develop into one of the NFL’s best three-techniques in a few years.</p>. Defensive Tackle. Louisville. Sheldon Rankins. 11. player

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