Redskins Rumors: 5 Players Who Could Become Cap Casualties

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QB Robert Griffin III

Sorry; I know this one seems obvious, but it’s certainly worth mentioning considering the situation.

Griffin is set to make over $16 million in 2016 after the Redskins picked up the fifth-year option from his rookie deal. However, it’s only guaranteed for injury and after March 9, which means the Redskins have between the day after the Super Bowl and the start of 2016 Free Agency to give him the boot. All signs point to that happening.

By doing so, the Redskins would be saving that $16 million, which they’ll need every penny of to re-sign Kirk Cousins as their new franchise quarterback. It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion at this point that the ax will fall on RG3, although some Washington fans are holding out hope that the Redskins can find a trade partner.

Put simply, that isn’t going to happen and Griffin will get the boot before March 9. It’s the right move for the Redskins’ future, both on the field and financially. It’s a disappointing way for his time in D.C. to end, but it is what it is.

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