The Redskins’ 5 Biggest Salary Cap Questions Heading Into 2016

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Dashon Goldson
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Should the Redskins cut Dashon Goldson?

According to ProFootballFocus, Goldson was one of the worst safeties in the NFL in 2015. Although the Redskins love him for his off-the-field leadership and locker room presence, it’s becoming clearer that his on-field value is quickly deteriorating. At 32 years of age, how much longer can Washington continue to keep him on the roster?

With the Redskins facing so many money issues this offseason (mainly, the Cousins situation), they’re going to need to find room under the cap anywhere they can. That’s why getting rid of Goldson should not only be an option, but a serious consideration heading into 2016.

Goldson is scheduled to make $8 million next season, none of which is guaranteed (the Buccaneers paid the rest of his guaranteed money when he was traded for). So by dropping the ax, the Redskins could save $8 million against the cap and move on from one of the NFL’s most ineffective safeties. It would certainly be a tough blow for the D.C. locker room, but from a business standpoint, the Redskins can find a more capable safety via free agency for at least half the price. Heck, there are quite a few options already on the roster.

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