5 Washington Redskins Players Who Earned Raises in 2015

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Morgan Moses
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Morgan Moses

It’s still early in his NFL career, but there’s no denying that the future looks bright for the former third-round pick. During his sophomore campaign, Moses solidified his status as the Redskins’ right tackle of the future. While everyone mentions Trent Williams as the big name along the Washington front five, Moses made people take notice in 2015.

Aided by a massive frame and plenty of power, Moses helped pave the way for the Redskins offense this past season. On top of providing exceptional pass protection for Cousins, he excelled as a run blocker. It didn’t take long for him to prove himself as invaluable to the Redskins’ offensive success, which should continue to be the case moving forward.

Moses is scheduled to make $864,394 in 2016, which will likely stay that way for the time being. However, when his time comes, the Redskins will probably have to pay up based on the current trajectory of his career. Moses has a lot going for him when it comes time to negotiate a new contract.

If the Redskins are smart, they’ll hand their impressive right tackle the lucrative deal he deserves.

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