5 Washington Redskins Players Who Earned Raises in 2015

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Every year, NFL teams watch unheralded, unappreciated players emerge as legitimate difference-makers. The Washington Redskins enjoyed that phenomenon on numerous occasions in 2015.

As a result of their outstanding play, those aforementioned players often expect to be compensated for their hard work. Whether it comes a year or two down the road or at some point during the next season, there’s a sudden expectation that an increase in dollar signs will come as a result of the increase in production. That’s often the case, and it could be for a few of the Redskins’ rising stars.

Whether they put the team on their back, or simply outplayed their contract by proving to be vital components of the Redskins’ gameplan, these five players put themselves in prime position for raises heading into the 2016 season.

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So here it is. My look at five Redskins players who clearly earned big paydays with their play in 2015. That’s not necessarily to say that I think they will receive raises, but there’s clearly a need for it after what they did to help the Redskins turn things around last year.

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